teenage girl / cherry glazerr

she’s going to be something more and i know that this will either make me or break me.
but it’ll be worth it.
i like her.

"I only want this with you."
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"Thanks for showing me around last night.
Hope you don’t think I don’t care.

Cause I do I just don’t know if I should feel this bad about you.”

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"the sad truth is -
no matter how hard
you try,
how much effort
you put in,
how many prayers,
crossed fingers
and bitten lips
you are willing
to give -
some people will just leave.

but here is another
truth for you -
after a while
it’s no longer sad,
it just is,
you carry on,
you smile,
you live."
- were never going to wait for me.  (via shove-a-cactus-up-your-ass)

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Wavves - So Bored

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